The project ,,HerPower" consists of two mobility activities undertaken by the participants between the mobility. We invite activists and youth leaders, teachers and other people who work with young people on a daily basis, including young people experiencing discrimination or threatened with experience of violence. Both trainings are for the same group of people - 18 women. The use of potential of discriminated persons who are not able to show their full skills, because a large part of the energy devoted is protecting against attack, can have a huge impact on society. We lose many connections through discrimination and violence, which could otherwise create a good one. We do not mean here only discrimination based on sex, but also other submitted, e.g. age, disability level, etc. Facilities that are strengthened and available are equipped with features that are available able to exploit high potential at a level covering and regional by organizing workshops, social business bets or living the so-called role model for other people experiencing discrimination. The training also raises legal issues related to issues such as discrimination or recognition of social businesses, comparing crises in different groups of partners and thinking about what can be done by regulators applied appropriate regulations.


Participating countries: Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia, Germany, Kosovo, Moldova, Poland

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