Under migrants' perspective


We are living the greatest human mobility era in history. Today the world has more than 240 million migrants and this number keeps increasing. Migration is recognized as a key feature of our contemporary world as it provides many opportunities to societies and to migrants themselves. However, it is still one of the least understood phenomenon, leading to an increase of critical political and policy challenges in matters such as safe migration, border management, displacement and integration.

The World Migration Report of 2018 stated an effective number of 244 million migrants in 2015 with an average growth of 0,5% every 5 years. That means it is expected 30 to 50 million more migrants in 2020 if no new and different actions are taken, starting with the raise of awareness which is the core foundation to make a change. The New European Crisis on Migration emerged through the rising number of refugees and migrants coming to the European Union, across the Mediterranean Sea or Southeast Europe, and applying for asylum. They come from areas such as the Middle East, Africa, South Asia, Western Balkans and
the reasons behind these flows come from many different push and pull factors. However, these massive flows have been raising many concerns in Europe as they tend to be connected with violent extremism without proof and evidence. The result is a bad public image that leads to fear, prejudice, xenophobia and discrimination towards migrants, all of which are against the values of EU and have a great impact in peace and prosperity of Europe

For these reasons, we decided to develop this project idea to involve youngsters on this topic. This activity will be a Youth Exchange that will have 42 participants from Hungary, Portugal, Finland, Romania, Ukraine, Georgia and Armenia (6 participants per country) from the 2nd of October till the 9th of October in Rustavi, Georgia.

The main problems the project responds to are: low awareness on the migration crisis happening in Europe as well as the prejudice and discrimination towards migrants and refugees linking them to violent extremists and therefore develops more fear and xenophobia, a vicious circle we must break in Europe.

• The main aim of this project is:
– To raise young people’s awareness/understanding on migration crisis in Europe, offering the opportunity to create strong networks and develop a sense of European citizenship and values, thereby promoting non-formal learning and cooperation in the field of youth.

• The objectives of the project are:
– To foster positive interaction, active participation, self-reflection and personal growth of young people from different social backgrounds of EU by involving them in Youth Exchange that develop their key competences and address issues relevant for them, conducting joint vicarious activities, with holistic experiences and reflections.
– To develop positive attitudes towards arts and its expressions, encouraging experimentation and involvement, stimulating creativity and imagination.
– To raise awareness on migration panorama and its difficulties within participants’ societies and within EU using artistic products on the youth exchange: Theatre play, an exhibition and a video on migration.
– To promote diversity, intercultural dialogue and intercultural learning, developing the sense of unity through diversity within EU, thereby promoting social inclusion
– To promote the Erasmus+ programme, EU values and participation in future activities through the use of non-formal education while promoting its recognition through the YouthPass certificate.

• Eligible participants: Participants shall be residents of Georgia between 18-25 years old, while in case of the group leader, there is no upper age limit. Knowledge of English is a requirement for participating in the programme.

• Preparation: the participants of the youth exchange shall be prepared for an intercultural encounter and being in a multicultural learning environment. They will get to know a bit of each culture they will find prior to the exchange and learn a bit of their customs. The programme includes an Intercultural Evening with the aim to celebrate and educate about the different cultures and nationalities present. During this evening, national groups will be given 10 minutes each to present their countries through costumes, songs, dances, pictures and stories.

• What to bring? Participants are requested to bring cultural items representing their countries and can be displayed/shared during the Intercultural Evening.

• Programme: the exchange programme will include (but not limited to) the following activities: introduction of the topic and participants; Visual Map of Migration, simulation games, role plays, drama-telling, presentations, discussions, study visit, film night, quiz night and planning of future activities.

• Accommodation and catering: The Youth Exchange will happen in Rustavi between the 2nd and the 9th of October (including the travel days) in the Rustavi Scout Center (https://iscr.ge). The participants will lodge at quadriple rooms in mixed nationalities divided by gender. The centre will provide 3 meals a day and 2 coffee breaks.

• Expenses: the participation is free for the selected 5 participants and group leader from Georgia. Participants from outside Rustavi can get travel reimbursement. All programmes, food, accommodation and transportation throughout the stay will be covered by the host organisation. Individual programmes and extra days has to be covered by the participants.

• Application: If you are eligible and interested in participating in the programme, please send your application until 1 September 2019 to association@crgeorgia.com with a cc to mariam.kavtaradze.8@gmail.com. Successful candidates will be contacted by our colleagues and will be invited to our orientation programme.

• Participating countries: Armenia, Finland, Georgia, Hungary, Portugal, Romania, Ukraine