The Georgian Association for Cultural Relations focuses on education, knowledge dissemination and information exchange through promoting democratic values, peace and security initiatives as well as the importance of coexistence of different communities in multicultural environments. The association carries out its activities in Georgia, the greater Caucasus region and internationally, especially considering the needs and concerns of young people. The activities of the organisation include international cooperation with NGOs having similar profile and implementing projects and events focusing on democracy building and peace education. The association is a member of the Hungary-based international network of institutions focusing on cultural and international relations.

The association aims to protect human rights and preserve cultural diversity by supporting cultural scientific relations. For the purposes of accomplishing its goals, the association carries out the following activities:

  • As a politically independent organisation, the GACR creates permanent and/or special forums, which allows diplomats, politicians, decision-making individuals and young intellectuals to meet each other and share their opinions;
  • Arranging of international conferences, meetings, workshops, lectures, trainings and summer courses according to the organisation goals, including scientific and research activities;
  • Delivering educational activities and spreading information to provide equal rights for socially unprotected individuals;
  • Organization of services and programs for cultural relations (supporting of international exchange programs and relations between various communities living in Georgia);
  • Creating and publishing of informational materials and spreading of information via the website.