Eco not ego

The main topic of “Eco not ego” youth exchange is an ecological mindful lifestyle. The concept of ecological lifestyle revolves around how to make a commitment to environmental protection compatible with democracy and implement it into everyday life.

We plan to reflect on the current ecological situation in our cities and countries, discuss experiences on improving it, and develop tools and methods for everyday life. Through working on ecological issues we aim to increase understanding of democracy and active citizenship and the relation between them.

The project aims to provide an environment and working space to reflect, discuss and form a point of view on the active ecological lifestyle and in a wider perspective – related values of democracy, solidarity, tolerance, and active social engagement.


Participants' profile

The project will host five participants (including one group leader) from each participating country. We are looking for participants who:

  • Age 18-30 y.o. (team leader without age limits)
  • Open-minded youngsters with an active social life and interest in ecological lifestyle
  • Able to communicate in English (an exception can be made if they have valuable practical knowledge)
  • Bring energy and enthusiasm and are ready to participate actively


The location: All the activities will take place in Henichesk, which is a port city along the Sea of Azov in Kherson Oblast of southern Ukraine.

Dates: advance planning visit: 17-18 July 2021; youth exchange: 1-8 September 2021

Applicant: WINetzwerk e.V. (Germany)

Host organisation: NGO Unit (Ukraine)

Participating countries: Germany, Ukraine, Georgia, Spain, Turkey, Portugal

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