International Childrens' Festival in Izmir


CALL FOR PARTICIPANTS FROM RUSTAVI | One of the most important national events of Turkey is the National Sovereignty and Children’s Day which is celebrated on the 23rd of April. Many children from all around the world are invited to Turkey to celebrate this day with their traditional performances based on dance, music, art, sports and theatre.

In 2019 Mavi Ege Schools will host students and teachers from many countries in Izmir, Western Turkey between 19 and 26 April and the Georgian Association for Cultural Relations - with the support of the Municipality of Rustavi - is partnering the event as a sending organisation.

Throughout the 7 days’ children festival 10 students and 2 teachers will be hosted and have the opportunity to share experiences and ideas for future projects in an international atmosphere, discover the beautiful surroundings of Izmir and remember the importance of both being independent and living in peace, as well as brotherhood and friendship.

• Eligible participants: students attending in the schools of Rustavi, aged between 10-17. Knowledge of English is not a requirement for participating in the programme.

• Preparation: the event will include traditional dances in folk costumes during indoor and outdoor performances, choir performance and theatre plays. Each country group has to prepare with their own dances, choir songs and theatre play that will be performed at different venues during the programme.
In addition to traditional dance performances, the students are required to perform either a play or a choir. The length of the play performance must be maximum 30 minutes and the number of songs performed by the choir must be maximum 4.

• What to bring? Guest students are requested to perform their national dance with their traditional costumes in one of the big shopping centres and school celebration in Aydin. Students are requested to bring:

  1. A ’’Culture box’’ including the cultural items representing their countries,
  2. Portrait pictures of the students and their family members,
  3. Postcards of their countries.

• Programme: before arrival, host students will start to get in touch with Georgian students for initiating friendship. The detailed final programme will be shared with participants in March. The event will include the following programmes:

  • school and class visits;
  • school activities (lessons, entertainment, open-air competitions and activities);
  • rehearsals and Celebrations on 23 April
  • city tour and visits to historical places of Ephesus, the House of the Virgin Mary and Dydima;
  • a performance day (theatre and choir);
  • visit to Izmir;
  • performances in shopping centres in Aydin, Izmir and Kusadasi;
  • a yacht tour in Kusadasi (depending on the weather conditions).

• Accommodation: guest students will be housed at Turkish families. They will stay with Mavi Ege Schools’ students and families and they will get the chance to experience this special event with their peers. The students attending the

• Expenses: the participation fee is 570 GEL which includes the travel costs and orientation programme in Rustavi (the participation fee may be subject to minor changes to flight ticket price difference). Food, accommodation, transportation throughout the stay, sightseeing and the tours will be covered by the host organisation. Individual programmes and extra days has to be covered by the participants.

• Application: If you are eligible and interested in participating in the programme, please fill in the application form below, until 15 February 2019. Successful candidates will be contacted by our colleagues and will be invited to our orientation programme.

• Partners: Mavi Ege Schools, Municipality of Rustavi, Georgian Association for Cultural Relations