The Georgian Association Cultural Relations provides the opportunity for leading researchers, politicians, diplomats and students as future decision-makers to meet for local activities (round-table discussions, talks and other events) and international conferences on the most recent developments in their fields of research/work.

The core activities of GACR discussions and conferences are based on the lectures by invited researches who are leaders in their respective fields, politicians, diplomats and well-known people related to cultural relations policy, economics and politics.


Youth educational projects

The Georgian Association Cultural Relations conducts and its members take part in international research and training projects on a regular basis. The aim of participating in such events and cooperation is to widen knowledge, to strengthen skills and to gain new competences. The members of the management of the GACR had been part of numerous international projects. We believe the experience we have gained during these programs would contribute to the successful implementation of the future projects as well. Our staff have met new people and partners having similar aims or working in the same fields as we do. By participating in such programmes our colleagues, members and participants could learn about new approaches and methods in connection with formal and non-formal learning, intercultural dialogue, minority issues and young people’s involvement in social activities. The GACR is continuously working on preparation and organisational tasks of its prospected projects. All information about the activities are available on the association’s website.

The GACR emphasises the importance of supporting and involving young people to non-formal educational activities abroad. Thus, our organisation also provides opportunity for its non-members to participate in such activities including workshops, contact making events, training courses and youth exchanges.